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Program Description

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For many years, the City of Santa Cruz Water Department (Department) has been planning strategies to secure water supply as well as to improve system reliability and resiliency to droughts. Simultaneously, the City has undertaken an initiative to address aging infrastructure. Major investment is planned to rehabilitate and replace back-bone infrastructure, including raw water transmission and surface water treatment facilities.

In 2017, the Santa Cruz City Council approved the Department’s Water Supply Augmentation Strategy (WSAS) which was then incorporated into the Department’s 10-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The City Council also approved the Water Department’s Long Range Financial Plan, clearing the way for implementation of a 10-year CIP that includes ~$300 million in capital investments and reinvestments in the water system.

The CIP effectively touches every aspect of the water system, from replacement of aging infrastructure (e.g. finished water pipelines, tanks, pressure regulating stations,); to projects with regulatory drivers (e.g., the Newell Creek Dam Inlet/Outlet Pipeline,); to projects associated with surface water treatment, new raw water transmission facilities, and development of one or more strategies to augment water supply.

In December 2017, the Department retained HDR, Inc. consultants to supplement its staff and develop an approach for managing the extensive program of work.  HDR has a 5-year contract, with an optional 5-year extension. 

To see the program charter, click here.

Program Contact: Kevin Crossley P.E. 831.420.5356 (office) 831.212.3764

SC Water Program Map


 Water Program Schedule
 Water Program Map
Water Program Project Schedule


Project Manager Contact List

 Presentation from the Contractor/Consultant Open House 5/23/19

Open House Attendees List

Project one-page descriptions:

1.1 North Coast System Laguna Diversion

1.2 North Coast System Major Diversion

1.3.1 San Lorenzo Diversion Rehab

1.3.2 Coast Pump Station Rehab Replacement

1.4 Felton Diversion and Pump Station Improvements

1.5 Newell Creek Dam Inlet Outlet Replacement 

2.2 Newell Creek Pipeline Rehab Replacement

2.3 Coast Pump Station 20inch Raw Water Transmission

3.2 Recycled Water

3.3 Aquifer Storage and Recovery Mid County

3.4 Aquifer Storage and Recovery Santa Margarita

3.6 In-Lieu Transfers and Exchanges

4.2 Graham Hill Water Treatment Plant Flocculator Rehab

4.3 Graham Hill Water Treatment Plant Concrete Tanks

4.4 Graham Hill Water Treatment Plant Facility Improvement Project

6.1 University Tank No 4 Rehab Replacement

Completed projects:

4.1 Graham Hill Water Treatment Plant Tube Settlers Replacement