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Landscape Water Budgets

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New Budget-Based Rates for Irrigation Accounts

Effective November 1, 2016, charges for all irrigation accounts will be based on a "water budget" which is the estimated volume of water needed to maintain landscaping in a healthy and thriving condition.  Each dedicated irrigation account will be assigned its own budget based on the size of the landscape being irrigated, weather, and other factors.

Landscape water budgets, like plant water requirements, vary seasonally and are highest in summer and lowest in winter. 

How Do I Find Out My Water Budget?

It's easy. Using the calculator below, enter your landscape area, in square feet, and press "calculate". The water budget for your property is shown on a monthly basis and expressed in CCF.  Note: one CCF = one hundred cubic feet = 748 gallons = one billing unit. If you don’t know the square footage of irrigated landscape at your property, please give us a call to find out. Call the water conservation office at 831-420-5230.

What if I Exceed the Budget?

Consumption up to the water budget is charged at the Tier 1 rate. Any water consumption over and up to 150% of the water budget is billed at the Tier 2 rate. Any water consumption in excess of 150% of the water budget is billed at Tier 3 rate. So it pays to keep your water consumption at or below the monthly budget.

Water Rates and Service Charges for Irrigation Accounts

Frequently asked questions about water budgets FAQ