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The Watershed Section of the City of Santa Cruz Water Department is comprised of the Water Resources Management and Recreation workgroups. The Section is responsible for the drinking water source protection, environmental regulatory compliance, recreation area management and general natural resource management work that is an important part of the delivery of clean drinking water to our customers. While the City of Santa Cruz has a long history of proactive natural resource stewardship, watershed protection became an increasingly important part of the City's operations in the late 90s with the 1996 amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Endangered Species Act listings of several local species such as steelhead, coho and the California red-legged frog. Supporting what is primarily a surface water drinking water agency, the Watershed Section not only oversees operations of the City's nearly 4,000 acres of watershed lands, but also is an active stakeholder in management of the San Lorenzo, Laguna, Liddell and Majors watersheds - which comprise over 150 square miles of northern Santa Cruz County. The Section also occasionally engages in natural resource management planning beyond these limits to the extent that it supports the Department's mission.


Know your watersheds:



City of Santa Cruz Water Department Drinking Water Source Watersheds

Santa Cruz Water Works and Planning Watersheds County of Santa Cruz Planning Watersheds Map

Watershed Contact:

715 Graham Hill Rd.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
831-420-6220 (fax)

Chris Berry - Watershed Manager