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Where Does Our Water Come From?

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Water Map 

Ninety-five percent of Santa Cruz's water supply comes from local surface waters. The remaining 5% comes from groundwater. The main source of our water, the San Lorenzo River, makes up 47% of our supply. Other flowing sources include Majors Creek, Laguna Creek and Liddel Spring, which account for 32% of our supply.

The only reservoir for the City of Santa Cruz is Loch Lomond Reservoir, which holds 2.8 billion gallons.

Still Morning on Loch Lomond 

Loch Lomond Reservoir stores water from the Newell Creek watershed and the San Lorenzo River

Through dams and pumps, water is piped from its source to the Graham Hill Water Treatment Plant. At the plant, raw surface water is cleaned, treated, tested and made into the high-quality, safe drinking water we enjoy.

Margo at scope

GHTP Tank, Summer 2014